Anybody have a Yabb Forum hosted by Dream Host

How’s the speed? I’m currently with Apollo Hosting and not satisfied with them at all.

Please post your link(s) so I can check them out

DH recently announced it is discouraging using YaBB “due to its resource-intensive nature.”

---- announcement from DH —

Posted: Apr 3rd, 2002 - 03:39:53 PM PST (1 mon 4 days ago)

Hello DreamHost Users!

This is an informational announcement for the users of YaBB.
If you use YaBB, we highly recommend that you read this announcement
If you do not use YaBB, but might utilize a bulletin board in the
future, this announcement may interest you as well.

Over the last six months, our administration team has become aware of
the bulletin board script YaBB (short for Yet Another Bulletin Board).

The script has caught our attention due to its resource-intensive
nature. That is, YaBB consumes a large share of server resources (in
terms of memory and CPU utilization) for just being a Bulletin Board
script. A YaBB site need NOT be terribly busy for it to consume more
than acceptable levels of server resources.

YaBB has also caught our attention due to the increasing number of you
who are adopting it for use on your site.

This concerns us greatly. While YaBB may provide a good deal of user
functionality, at this point we’re certain that its backend was not
written with scalability in mind. That is, while a 10-message-per-day
YaBB board may not make a noticeable impact on a server, a
200-message-per-day bulletin board YaBB can bring a server to its knees.

YaBB is written in Perl, with a flat-file database for its data storage
backend. This is horribly inefficient in UnixLand, and quite frankly
does not scale well.

We’re strongly encouraging everyone to switch to a more scalable
solution. Bulletin boards written in PHP accessing a MySQL database
backend are generally fairly reliable. Since all of our plans now
include MySQL for free, you will (almost definitely) incur no additional
service fees from us when you make your switch.

In particular, for smaller bulletin boards, we recommend phpbb
( as an open source and free solution. For larger
bulletin boards, we’ve also see very good performance with the
commercial bulletin board solution vbulletin ( While
this is by no means an exhaustive review (nor is it an official stamp of
DreamHost approval), if you went with one of those two suggestions,
you’d probably be ok.

Why in the world would you want to migrate your bulletin board from YaBB
to a PHP/MySQL based bulletin board? In the past three months we’ve
recognized the need to become more aggressive in disabling busy YaBB
boards to protect the stability of your servers. That very much means
that if your YaBB board becomes busy enough, you may find it
sporadically disabled, and even possibly permanently disabled.

While the end result may seem draconian, our intentions are for the good
of all. Our approach is quite considerate and we won’t leave you hung
out to dry. If you plan on migrating, contact us, and we’ll make all
attempts to leave your YaBB running untouched for several months.

Happy DreamHost Stability Team!

I used YaBB until DreamHost started discouraging it, probably for the same reason you’re having speed problems–it’s very resource intensive. At that point I switched to the PHP/MySQL based YaBBSE. I highly recommend it–it’s much faster than the flat file YaBB, conversion is easy, it has all the same features plus quite a few extra ones that you would’ve had to install as mods under the original YaBB, and also unlike the flat-file version, it scales well.

If your host doesn’t support PHP and MySQL… well, DreamHost does (even with the cheap plans). They give you enough SQL queries to handle a decent sized forum, too. For reference, mine sees probably 100-200 posts a day and probably 200 regular readers, I’m on the Code Warrior plan, and I’m somewhere around 1/3 of my allotment. If that’s not going to do it for you, I still recommend upgrading to the PHP version, you’ll just have to find somewhere with generous enough MySQL plans.

Anyway, I hope that helps. If you do decide to move here and upgrade, I can offer installation/migration tips if you need it.

Sorry, forgot, mine is at:

Looks from the size of your board that you won’t have any trouble at all with the PHP version on dreamhost, unless you’re planning on major expansion in the near future. Might take some work to get your layout to look right with YaBBSE, though–I’ve found it to be a bit harder to tweak precicely.


YaBB does have a few mods that have been show to reduce the load on the server. You can find them at

Actually my reasearch and experience has found otherwise…I used to use PHPBB and with a 200 member forum I used over 5 gigs of space a month. And with me moving onto a YaBB Gold -SP1 I now only use 2-3…thats far amount less than using phpbb or any other script. Thank you for your time.

I have just set it up, and it takes up very little server space so far (proportinally) compared to other programs I’ve tried. My server has no problems with it, and I have nothing to complain about with it: .