Anybody else's e-mail messages disappear?

An hour or so ago I suddenly couldn’t connect to my e-mail; it kept timing out. This was both on my iPhone’s Mail app and on AtMail webmail. Then after about fifteen minutes of trying, I was able to connect again…but all my mail was gone. Every message. I’m getting new messages, but everything from before, oh…about noon CDT…gone.

What in the world is going on??

Yep - exactly the same happened to me on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday). Every mail in my dreamhost Inbox disappeared. All mail in folders was fine, all mail in other accounts (eg iCloud) was fine. It seemed pretty unlikely it was something I did myself, any kind of hand-deletion puts mails in a trash folder you need to clean to actually delete them, however none of those mails went to any trash folder, those folders only had trash I had deleted over the last few weeks and hadn’t emptied yet; the inbox mails just disappeared entirely between one time I checked mail and the next, an hour later, and that deletion synched to every device I had.

I filed a support ticket but after a while decided to fix it myself by pulling the mails back in from the previous night’s TimeMachine backup, which turned out to be pretty easy, fortunately. I never heard more about it. is pretty buggy at the best of times, but I’ve not had it just destroy mail wholesale before. My suspicion at the time (I had certificate warnings and connection issues shortly before this happened) was that the some mailbox maintenance (perhaps moving it from one server to another) coincided with Mail trying to access it and triggered a bug which synched the Inbox to empty.

Hopefully you have a TimeMachine backup … and if you don’t, hopefully Dreamhost does.

This was on my iPhone, not my Mac. I was using the AtMail web interface when stuff went down. I simply used my iPhone to confirm. But yeah…everything from before about noon CDT yesterday: gone.

Update: apparently the reason my e-mail disappeared was that I accidentally clicked the “empty folder” icon on AtMail. Dreamhost restored my e-mail from a backup, but unfortunately, that meant that I only had e-mail messages from last Sunday and before, but nothing from between then and about noon yesterday. :confused:

Oh…and the tech told me I can disable the “empty folder” icon in the settings. I tried that, but it appears it’s still active.

I can’t win.

Latest update: this time I intentionally clicked the “empty folder” icon and I got an alert modal asking me if I’m sure that I want to do that, and it said it was going to do exactly what the DreamHost tech told me it was supposed to do. This is making me think that either: 1) no, I did not click the “Empty Folder” icon when my e-mails mysteriously disappeared because I never got that modal before, or 2) they added the modal after this happened just as a user-side sanity check.

it wasn’t you. i am so pissed right now. this is the second time my inbox emptied itself.

the first time, i was apologetic, thinking i had accidentally hit that terribly placed and hairbrained Empty button. Dreamhost was awesome about it and recovered my mail.

i used Stylebot to remove the Empty button. all my computers and devices use IMAP.

four days ago, i looked over, and my inbox had been deleted again. not moved to the trash, not moved to another folder. just completely gone, in the span of 30 minutes since i’d last checked it.

Dreamhost says they can’t recover three months of mail. but they did last time so what gives?!

WHO deleted all my mail?! i’m more certain than ever that it wasn’t me. and it’ll soon be a week that Dreamhost hasn’t explained or recovered it.

The e-mail servers at Dreamhosts are a complete failure, the do not work, sometimes, a month or so ago, for a week, I couldn’t access my e-mail,
They said they were change things, to make it better, but that did not help with all the business I lost, because I did not respond to a e-mail
promptly,…I couldn’t ,… I couldn’t access my account,… for a little while they sort of had it fixed, but the new ""
is even worse, then the old one, and now it has been down for 2 days , again,… these guys are “out to lunch”, time to start looking for a better
hosting service, that is capable of providing reliable e-mail services.
And yes, I have had the entire “inbox”, show up empty, as well, and I know it was not me that “emptied”, it.
Dreamhosts is simply not capable of providing reliable e-mail services,…these problems having just been getting gradually worse
over the last 4 years, I have no reason to expect them to truly get better.

It has now been 5 days that email has been fucked and they are completely incapable of fixing it. If anything, it’s WORSE now than it was 5 days ago.

I can’t even get to my inbox - server not responding. My email app on my laptop… all the folders are gone.

TOTAL incompetence. Someone seriously needs to lose their job over this. I’ve begun the process of moving everything of mine off dreamhost. As soon as I can GET my email, it will go, too. And I will NEVER recommend DreamHost to anyone. As a matter of fact, my reply will be “ANYONE but DreamHost.”

they told me my problem is isolated. as if that makes it irrelevant.

does anyone know how to escalate issues?

We are having the same problem. One person in our company cannot see her emails at all. None of it, OLD or NEW. The notices keeps saying that some may experience intermittence…BS…we are experiencing complete blackout.

3 Tickets have gone unanswered.

Dreamhost has been great but is coming through as a big disappointment.

they post these :

We are currently performing additional emergency maintenance on two of our mail filer systems on the homiemail-sub5 mail cluster of servers. Some customers on homiemail-sub5 will not be able to access their email on the server during the maintenance. Others may experience slight email delays during peak hours. Currently, we anticipate this to last for the next few hours, and will update this post as we get new information

To determine if your mail is handled on the above sub-cluster, please click on the Data Centers page in your DreamHost web panel.

If you have any issues unrelated to this maintenance please contact support from your web panel. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE July 27 6:00 PM PDT: Mail queues caught up as of earlier this afternoon, and the first of the two filers has been fully mounted to all of our Sub5 machines. Things are looking well there so far, and our technical operations team has moved on to mounting the second filer. We should have another update soon; thanks for your patience!

"Others may experience slight email delays during peak hours. Currently, we anticipate this to last for the next few hours, and will update this post as we get new information"
The updates are a joke, but not funny,… “slight e-mail delays”. ! I have not been able to access
my e-mail at all, 4 days now, I did manage to add a forwarding address, but nothing from support, …well some “automated” BS that say nothing, but it does show that the forwarding is working.
They say " This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 4:46 pm and is filed under Email Issue. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed. ",…No comments , they have that shutdown,
the “chat” option, will not permit acceess to anything about the e-mail either.

[quote]davidicus Wrote:
they told me my problem is isolated. as if that makes it irrelevant.
does anyone know how to escalate issues?[/quote]
It is far from isolated, and they are delibrately trying to avoid giveing any solid information,
They finally started posting updates, and acknowledge the problem, on July 26, the problem
started about the 24, 4 days now I have not been able to access my e-mail, and last week, before the were 2 days it was down.
"does anyone know how to escalate issues?"
I started looking for a new hosting service today, I do not have the time, nor the patience to
keep trying to communicate with these people,… and it happened a month or 2 ago as well,
no reason to believe it won’t keep happening, every few months, every time they say “we decided to change things, to make it better”, it get worse, they should have left things alone, actually
until this year, nothing like this happened, at least to me, …now it has become a montly problem. I am concerned it is just a matter of time, the actual websites also will be crashing,
and not accessable. Better to find new hosting, while I can still access my website. [/quote]

I’m feeling the same, right up to creating the forwarding addresses to get around this system.

I didn’t get “into” this, in order to manage my clients email problems. IT SHOULD JUST WORK.

For me, I have given (volunteered) my modest church’s rector a domain and email plus my service to keep things running. I am not an email professional nor do I wish to become one. So I don’t like getting multiple phone calls about something that should be considered for a hosting company as basic as having the lights on is for the electric company.

As it is, it seems that all the emails that my friends had that were on the server have been corrupted and they’ve lost everything.

This has, as you say, been going on since late MONDAY.

Yes - the real “burn” is that they haven’t even explained what happened.

I sound like an IDIOT when I tell my clients “I don’t know what the problem is”.

What DID go wrong? Seriously - did like, ONE drive go down and take the whole system out? WE DON’T KNOW.

I mean, even if a fire took out a whole building, and I’m being serious here, they should be able to restore logging in and checking your mail within 24 hours, if not with a flip of the switch. Because it seems the email files have been corrupted, my clients can’t even CHECK their email as it is. (the sluggish forwards at least work)

I have about 20 domains here, and about 4 of them have email. My personal tragedy it that I’ve had no problem with the email account I personally use - just the ones for the church, and I feel I’ve really let them down.

I love the prices and for the level of websites I have, I find the service for my websites to be very satisfactory.

BUT EMAIL IS NOT A LITTLE THING. So like you, we have started to check out alternatives, and if they cost more - FINE, if they don’t have problems and/or the lack of support like THIS.

WE DESERVE A WELL DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF WHAT HAPPENED, and not a 2nd person comment in another thread.

If like, one drive going bad brought down the whole server, or “one thing” went bad and they couldn’t fix it for DAYS - THEN SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM.

[quote=“GarryRicketson, post:11, topic:63378”]

until this year, nothing like this happened, at least to me, …now it has become a montly problem. I am concerned it is just a matter of time, the actual websites also will be crashing, and not accessable. Better to find new hosting, while I can still access my website. [/quote]

same here, and i’m so disappointed. i signed up in 2002 i think. support has always been very helpful, but over the last what, year or two?–though very friendly in tone–they are slow, careless, and dismissive.

maybe i shouldn’t, but i rely on my email heavily. losing a few months of it means unresolved legal things are now unrecorded, financial things, followups, all gone. i file things, but usually only once they are complete. a huge amount of my interactions with the world exist there.

oh well, we only keep one backup and yeah, we waited so long to respond to your ticket that we backed up your destroyed inbox. let us know if you have any more concerns!

This ineptitude Dreamhost has shown is completely mind-boggling. I am now on Day 9 of having no access to my email.

So whats the alternative? run out own mail servers?

If you need business class email the two biggest players are Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business.

YES!!! I just lost every thing prior to 1/25/17. All my folders were wiped out on Thunderbird and Webmail! It happened when DreamHost updated security cert and no matter what I tried I couldn’t use Thunderbird because the issue with new cert so I had to use Webmail and I right before my eyes I could see my folders disappering! Oh but the good news is dreamhost has a week or two worth of my email. And before one of the staff warns me about being angry, you tell me how you would feel if all your emails, text msgs, contacts, everything on your phone and computers were deleted with no way of recovering them?!

@Cara, what you describe is strange and needs to be investigated. Can you please open a ticket with DreamHost Support on

DreamHost doesn’t delete customer’s emails without notice.

And it’s probably worth repeating here the mantra: if you care about your data, you back it up yourself, too. Don’t rely only on one copy or only one agent doing backups, that being DreamHost or anybody else. I have my personal email backed up daily on an external disk and on an attached NAS, which sends another copy to a DreamObjects bucket. Hopefully one of these 3 copies will survive catastrophic events :slight_smile:

I already had a ticket but it was dismissed like everything was fine!!! Can I sent you a private message with a screen shot of my Webmail and Thunderbird that shows the problem as it was actually happening. Maybe you’ll know what happened by looking at it? Thank you

I doubt a screenshot will say much honestly, unless you have an error message or some sort of log for the communication between the clients and the server. Feel free to try sending it to me, I can’t promise anything (and keep in mind, I don’t work in Support :))