Any1 know if DH allows catch all sub domains?


I was able to create a cname catch-all with the name “*”, but when I try to add * or @ through the admin panel add domain * it gives me an error stating that it is an invalid character. Anyone know if DH will allow this? Or if there is another way?




Only Support can add Wildcard DNS, but you’ll need a good justification when you ask.



Thank for the reply Scott.

I was able to create the wildcard dns. Did you mean to say that only support can add wildcard subdomain in apache config?



Maybe :-\ I’ve not tried it, but from what I’ve seen, Support needs to get involved for it to work.



I’m not sure if they’ll do it anymore. I knew at one point you could request it be done but I’m not sure if I ever read of anyone ever actually getting it :slight_smile:

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