Any way to order normal(hdd) VPS again?

Hi there.
We all know that the VPS of dreamhost were SSD now.
Any way to order normal(hdd) VPS again?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our VPS hosting plan. Unfortunately not at this time, we’re only leaving the existing ones running for now (but they will all eventually be forced to upgrade). new ones ordered now are SSD only. 1000mb for 15/mo, but 30GB disk usage limit.

If you have any other questions be sure to let us know,

Matt C

"they will all eventually be forced to upgrade"
more detail please?

Indeed, some more details would be nice. A “force” is never a good thing.

Well, not really, but a regular HD has a lot of moving parts which eventually wear out, and your site is always being moved to a new hard drive, often without your even realizing it (especially if you don’t read the emails that DH puts out or keep an eye on their blog). The only difference here is that your site is being moved to a different (i.e., newer and better) technology.

SSD’s are expensive, hence the limit on size. However, since they are more efficient and (presumably) last longer, they are more cost-effective in the long run, which is better for all of us.

Allow me to rephrase: those users currently with our previous VPS offering (disk drives, 300mb starting limit), will be eventually upgraded to our new hardware and new plan/pricing at some point in the future. We will definitely be communicating with these users about the upgrade beforehand and once the migration is complete.

During and for a while after the move, the old VPS will remain running; so while your domains may have new DNS records assigned that need to propagate, networks still seeing the old records should still be able to access the site. If you have any questions ahead of time regarding your existing VPS, any concerns with data, billing etc, please contact support from your web panel and let us know! We can speed up the process, or switch just the billing plan first, whatever you may need.

Matt C

So in the end, all users with unlimited space will lose their… well, unlimited space. Why are people being forced though? Regardless it being in the future… What if people prefer to stick with their unlimited space? I mean, that’s what they bought when they signed up with dreamhost.

True, but hard drives wear out and need to be replaced. And the type of technology you use keeps getting better, and different. Right now, SSD are more expensive than the old-fashioned kind, so the amount of space is limited.

Here’s the thing, though: the amount of space was always limited by the physical size of the drive. There really is no such thing as “unlimited”. If you run into space limits, you might want to consider using a CDN of some sort. I currently get 10GB a year for only $20, and use it for media files, which keeps my DH footprint small, and (possibly) speeds up my site a bit, since those files are accessed only irregularly and don’t get in the way of regularly accessed files. (I have no documentation for this; it just seems like a sound idea.)

normally, it means larger/huge size of space instead of unlimited, reduced to this 30GB were absolutely not enough to stored.
I individual not agree with unlimited space.

I’m aware. Regardless “unlimited” not being “unlimited”, you still don’t have to worry about hitting the HDD limit/space on unlimited plans. For example, we are using tons of space right now and we only used 34% of it.

we currently have about 120GB stored as we use our site to transfer large amounts of artwork back and forth between four shops and hundreds of customers.

The only thing I can hope for is that by the time we are “forced”, that SSD’s will have come down in price. they are already about half of what they were in cost a year ago… we can hope.