Any way to export or print a list of email addresses?

I just want to be able to print or export the current email addresses so I can review them for auditing purposes. Sometimes departments don’t let me know of personnel changes and inactive email addresses build up. Any way to print a nice list or an export function that I can send to departments for review?

You could print the “Manage Email” section of the DH Panel. A bit ugly, but functional:

That’s what I’ve been doing. But it’s VERY ugly and difficult for non-tech people to understand. You have to select the email addresses only, or it’ll print out all the frames, etc.

And if I want to put it into a spreadsheet for easier review, it’s a lot of work, and has to be done every time I want to review our email addresses.

So I was hoping there was a report or something I’m just overlooking that I could easily save/print.

If you’re comfortable using the browser console, then the following Javascript one-liner extracts the first column (Mailbox/Forward addresses) and dumps it to the console in CSV format:

document.querySelectorAll('tr td.left:first-child').forEach(n => console.log(n.textContent.trim().split("\n").join(",")))

Output looks like this:,,,"User A" mailbox manager,,   <10 MB / 200 MB,	(0%),,,"User B" mailbox manager,,   <10 MB / N/A MB,	(N/A%)

Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than what’s available. Thank you, habilis.