Any way to access several folders through POP3?


I just started using the DreamHost and I would like to know if it’s possible to access several folders through POP3? I’m using spamassassin and would like to move spams to .Junk folder.

However, I would like to download both Inbox and Junk folder, so if I see any mistakes, I can move messages into the right folder with webmail and then sa-learn the whole folders (I plan to use cron to automate it). I use POP3, as IMAP is a bit slow for me. Is there any way to accomplish it? Maybe some settings for CourierIMAP?


Pop just checks the Inbox. I’d suggest drop by your webmail account from time to time to check your Junk mailbox.



Thanks, I got support response that it’s not possible to get anything besides INBOX with POP3.

I found new solution:
I can forward new mail to .Junk/.Clear AND copy it to INBOX. In POP3 client I set up “Delete after download”. So I would have empty INBOX with .Junk/.Clear folders with all my email which I can check when I see mistake in my email client.

When I have free time I’ll look how to copy email properly with courier-imap. I did it because I don’t like using webmail much… So just checking periodically for misclassified mail is not an option. Thanks for your help!