Any Service to transfer my 16 Gb files to DH ac

I do not have the speed and time to transfer the 16 GB files from my old host to my new dreamhost account. Is there any 3-party services who can transfer these files for a fee? I tried to search on google but could not find anyone maybe I don’t know the exact words to search for. Any help will be kindly appreciated.

I posted code that shows how to do this here:

If your old host and your FTP client support FXP you can transfer the data directly between the servers, which is usually much faster than downloading and re-uploading.

Another option would be to transfer the content using wget in the shell.


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That thread makes me LOL cause I was having problems using FXP so I wrote the script. I think it was you and me discussing it at that time too, Mark. Peace.

My internet connection is slow and get disconnected frequently. So will a FXP site-ti-site transfer work? Should I use FlashFXP?

If I start a FXP site-to-site transfer in FlashFXP, what happens if my internet connection is slow or broken? Will it stop or affect the transfer? I want a method which is not dependant on my connection at all.

Also if you know any sites who do this for a fee because I am a novice in ssh etc. Thanks so much.

I vaguely recall that thread. It’s unfortunate that FXP doesn’t always work as intended and the reasons why aren’t always clear.

I think, given the ‘hit or miss’ nature of FXP, that the original poster might have less problems with the script.


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Then I think the script or wget would be the best options for you.

Unfortunately, I know of no one who provides such a service, sorry.


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I am a total novice. I don’t know how and where to use this script. Can you please give a detailed description? Also I don’t understand what you mean by “This won’t work with 2 ftp servers, only when one has a webserver.”

I am ready to pay $50 for transferring my 16 GB data to my BlueHost by wget or any thing. Can any one please help? I think my old had ssh and every thing as it is has cpanel.

Heck, I’ll do it for that amount. :smiley: But I think you really could do it by yourself and save the money.

What kind of files is it? Media files, a lot of plain text files? Do you need to transfer any kind of database too?

Try this:

log into Dreamhost via ssh (PuTTY)

Make a new directory with “mkdir downloaded” or whatever you like to call it (just so you don’t overwrite anything important on DH)

Change to that dir “cd downloaded”

Execute the command “wget -c -r --ftp-user=yourusername --ftp-password=yourpw” and see what happens. You can always stop the process by hitting ctrl+c, just to check that everything is working as expected, before you start the whole transfer.

Any comments from anyone?

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wget will not do good with files over 4GB (well some versions of wget, on stable as far as I know is still a know issue)

You can get your archives with curl!

curl -C - [URL]

taken from

Why is my downloaded DVD image smaller than 1 GB when it should be larger than 4 GB?

Most likely, the tool you use for downloading the image does not have large file support, i.e. it has problems downloading files larger than 4 GBytes. The usual symptom for this problem is that when you download the file, the file size reported by your tool (and the amount of data that it downloads) is too small by exactly 4 GB. For example, if the DVD image is 4.4 GB large, your tool will report a size of 0.4 GB.

Some versions of wget also suffer from this problem - either upgrade to a version of wget which does not have this restriction or use the curl command line download tool: “curl -C - [URL]”