Any reason to have both Dedicated Server AND Shared Hosting Unlimited plan?

My company has used Dreamhost for who knows how long, well before I was hired on several years ago. Point being, I didn’t set up the Dreamhost stuff, and while I use it, it wasn’t my job until recently to pay attention to or care about what plans / billing, etc was going on.

As far as I knew, and what I worked with has been our dedicated server that we have a website and a couple of web apps on, plus FTP and that sort of thing.

But, just got the email about increasing price on our “Shared Unlimited Hosting” plan, and thought… wait, if all of our websites are running on our dedicated server, what is this shared unlimited hosting plan for?

Digging around in the Dreamhost “control panel” or whatever it is called turns up not much of anything as usual. There’s no specific section I can find that will show me what our Shared Unlimited Hosting plan is being used for, what of its resources we are or aren’t consuming, etc etc. All I can find related to it is managing our payment / auto-renew for it.

However, when I look at our “Domains” or “Websites” sections in the CP, every single domain or site is listed as being hosted on “Dedicated”. So as far as I can tell, we aren’t using the Shared Unlimited Hosting plan for anything at all.

Since every site / domain is being hosted on our dedicated server, should I be safe in cancelling the Shared Hosting Unlimited plan? Or do we need to have a hosting plan in addition to paying for our dedicated server?

Best to ask Support via a ticket in Panel as shutting down an unlimited account might also eradicate any email accounts you have attached to the account.

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