Any new plans?

Are there any new discount plan currently available for new members? thanks.

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You can look around for different promo codes (see below if you want :stuck_out_tongue: ). If you mean different promos by dreamhost similar to the recent 555 offer these basically become available without warning when dreamhost decide to offer something.

$97 DISCOUNT with [color=#CC0000]DISCOM97[/color]
More codes

If you are looking for promo codes, I am sure you will be able to find some around here.

Check Out DreamHost Promo Codes

Well, just a guess… candidate events for next DH’s promo codes may be happen in :

  • Christmast Eve
  • New Year Eve
  • 08 August 2008 (888)

Who knows ? :slight_smile:

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To be clear:

DreamHost has occasional promotions to commemorate significant events like their anniversaries and their achievement of various hosting milestones. In these promotions they will advertise a promotional code on their website.

DreamHost has an affiliate program where current customers (and anyone else for that matter) can get referral fees for referring new customers. In order to help you attract referrals, they allow you to create promotional codes that give new customers discounts or extra services and features for free. The cost of these discounts/services/features comes out of the referral fee itself.

It’s become common for people to create max discount promo codes that discount your first year’s hosting by $97. This matches the entire amount of the DreamHost referral fee, so the original referrer gets no referral fee in this case. Best guess is that most people are hoping for secondary referrals (you get $5 for everyone your referrer refers).

The original DreamHost promotional codes have always been better than the equivalent referral promo codes, though some referral promo codes may have a set of features that is more suited to your needs.

Hope this explains everything clearly. I didn’t want the OP to be left out if they’re new to the idea of DreamHost promotional codes.

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I think it is a very good and clear explanation Lensman.

And AFAIK these promo codes are for shared hosting plans only, right ?

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Yes, and that is what we most do with our promo code to get second referrals. But there is another offer like free ip, domain for lifetime, and extra space/bandwidth.

[b]1 FREE IP + 1 FREE DOMAIN FOR LIFE with [color=#CC0000]1IPPLUS1DOMAIN[/color] promo code SIGN UP NOW

I think these are for any plan, including dedicated hosting.

Free unique IP and $67 off with promo code [color=#CC0000]FLENSFREEIP67[/color] or use [color=#CC0000]FLENS97[/color] for $97 off. Click here for more options

Thanks for responses. I am looking at various available options.

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Always try 9999, 999, 888, 777, etc. Sometimes you get special company deals. I’d skip 666 but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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