Any mass email limit?

Hi forummers,

I am current being hosted elsewhere, and I face a limitation there do to a mailman mailing of a electronic news letter for a political party. There is a limit set on the number of emails I can send out per hour via my domain.

This is a pain to face, although I understand the reason of SPAM prevention. This news letter of ours is voluntary subscription basis with thousands of readers, who are politically involved with the party.

Facing this hourly limitation, I have to break my mailing list into many smaller list and then send it in intervals longer than an hour. This means a lot of extra manual work during an election campaign.

I am just wondering here if DreamHost have similar limitations with their Announcement Lists or not?


Thank you!

DreamHost (“DH”) has a very strict mail policy. But as long as you only have opt-in lists, then you can send mails thru DH. They actually have a specialized mass-mailing system, and you can import your existing address lists into it (but I think the recipients will need to re-opt-in to the DH mailing system though).

Since DH has a 97-day money back guarantee you could just go ahead and open an account, and then try it out for yourself with some sample addresses. If you don’t like it, you get all your money back, no questions asked. (But chances are, you’ll like it.)

More questions? Just post again :slight_smile:

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While Dreamhost does have limits for the number of emails per hour a user can send, those limits do not currently apply to mailman announcement lists (which you can manage through a Control Panel interface).

The Dreamhost mailman installation handles all the “queueing” necessary to send the mails in managable groups; you do not have to worry about it at all. :slight_smile:


I guess it might be a feasible way to test if I just signed up a month to month payment scheme to test within the 1st month, should be able to know the results.

However is it possible after that to change to a single payment for the 24 months? Or do I have to terminate & re-open other account?

If there isn’t a limit in the mailman, it would work for me.

It is fair that mailman (as I am currently using) will inform subscriber that they had been ported over to a new mailing list, and they will receive instructions how they can opt out, handled by mailman automatically.

We are not very frequently mailing, even at peak of campaign we won’t have more than 1 mail every 3 days.

My question now is, can I be transferred to pay 24 months rate later, after I sign up a month to month payment, just to test for the 1st month. And then I things are OK, can I then convert from the 2nd month onwards to a 24month payment.

That’s a question that can only be answered authoritatively by someone from Dreamhost (I, like most on this forum, am just another customer :wink: )

Seems like another option would be to sign up for a year, using one of the many $97.00 off Promo Codes that are all over the forum, and put the first year on a charge card. That way, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 97 days if not satisfied, and if you are satisfied, your whole first year will cost only a few dollars :slight_smile:


You can upgrade/downgrade plans or change plan duration at any time from within the panel, but as the previous poster suggested you could just use a promo code and sign on for a years hosting for very little. If things dont work out you can get a refund within 97 days.

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Too bad their specialised mailing system is not very nice to use. You can’t have a combined user list with your website and there is no HTML editor interface. Making it a separate system from your website with ugly response messages for the signup form elements which is quite an ordeal to customise.