Any information

At this point, I’m just looking for any information that I can gather from fellow dreamhost users. Parts of my site, anything relying on cgi, have been down for 16 hours. Dreamhost support personnel are non-responsive, which means for them busy and for me non-existent. Does anyone know what is going on? I know there were OS upgrades and I can infer that they went horribly wrong? Anyone heard from support? Any ETAs issued? Anything at all?

This seems to be the dreamhost MO. Great service until something goes wrong and then silence.

/sarcastic mode on

Seems the upgrade is working really GOOD.

/sarcastic mode off

Support ? What is support ? I can’t use FTP, cause i keep getting “connection lost error” every 5 seconds… therefore , trying to edit any script, is just useless :frowning: It was working great BEFORE the upgrade… looks like somebody f___d it up.

still nothing from support, but i managed to find a work around for my problem.

it seems that the os upgrades introduce a new set of file permission requirements for cgi scripts. if you have cgi scripts owned by a group you have created in control panel, you should try changing the group to the umbrella group that dreamhost created. Ironically, for me, this actually loosens the permissions on my files, but at least things are working again.

my cgi is now responding again, does anyone have a fix for support?