Any demand for changing the wildcard email address separator?


I really like the wildcard email address feature, but there are a lot of websites that won’t take the ‘+’ character in an email address.

Is there some demand out there among Dreamhost users to get the wildcard separator changed, or better, allow a choice of separators? Separators like ‘-’, ‘.’, or ‘_’, i.e. characters more likely to get through technically-incorrect-according-to-RFC2822 email address validators on other websites. (okay, maybe not ‘.’, because periods are somewhat special/reserved in RFC2822)

I’ve contacted a few corporate websites regarding their bad email address validation, but the couple of times I got through to web support staff, I got the impression that they weren’t going to fix it, despite me telling them to go back and look at RFC2822.


It’d be quite difficult for us to do so. The wildcard separator (“recipient_delimiter”, in Postfix-speak) is a server-level setting, so we can’t change it on a per-domain basis.