Antivirus Software

does dream host use Antivirus Software on there servers ?

cause i notice the other day on my awstats log a virus showed up

I sincerely doubt that you saw a virus. The machines here are severely locked down shared host linux boxes. The rights (permissions) necessary to make viruses really interesting just aren’t here. The other thing is that an interesting virus would also use enough cpu time to get caught pretty quickly.

Looking at stats, you shouldn’t be able to “see” a virus.

Of course someone else who’s seen what you’re talking about may tell me I’m completely wrong. But this ain’t no windows box.

Note, stat’s were changed recently and daily stats are no longer run so don’t see that as a problem.

Do you mean you saw an entry in your log indicating an attempted access to your site by a virus or worm?

If so, this is common. There are many worms and malicious scripts out there that constantly trying to spread themselves via vulnerabilities in web server software etc. I doubt they will find such a vulnerability here at DreamHost.

Since there isn’t much you can do about these attempts, just ignore the log entries.


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Note that if what you saw is what Raz2133 described. The virus, worm or whatever it was, was not inside DreamHost. It’s a computer outside DreamHost that is infected and that computer is trying to break something on your server. Most probably with no luck.