Another WordPress Q: clarification on theme change

Ok, I gave the forums a search and can’t seem to find the answer I need for sure.

I have installed WordPress using the one click option. The blog was installed at:

It’s simple to select and use the themes that come with WordPress, but now I’m looking into installing a theme that will be purchased/downloaded. I’m not quite sure how to do that!

If I understand correctly, I’m unable to do any changes to WP, including custom theme, if I installed WP using the one click option, correct?

I caught a whiff of the fact that I maybe have to delete the one click install which should…?.. automatically install all the files elsewhere? Looking at my site’s root directory (webFTP) I see no WP directories at al as it sitsl…I see no directories/files period. (no website uploaded other than the WP at

Any insights as to the pieces of the puzzle that I am missing?


Over 650 post views…someone’s got to have a thought. :slight_smile:

I’ll bump too, because I had no problem doing this before on my original domain, but I set up another one today, and chose the Custom Installation. (Supposedly, you can also choose “Simple + Custom” but I never saw a way to do that).

I got Wordpress set up, then went to the themes install on the new Wordpress install, and tried to upload a .zip theme that I purchased. I’d done this before on my old domain with no problem. But this time, this screen came up.

[quote]Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.[/quote]


I have a similar problem, in that I have done a simple install of WordPress and now I can’t find the installation directory where I’d like to upload some new files. How do I find the WordPress installation directory??

all wordpress data is stored in a mysql database. you can access it through phpmyadmin. export it as a backup.

Any installations on “DreamHostApps” or “One-Click (Easy Mode)” are shared installations. You cannot upload themes or plugins to a shared installation. You need a Fully Hosted account and the Advanced Mode installation in order to have access to the files via FTP to