Another Wordpress installation question

This is going to be long, so I’m sorry!

I bought a domain somewhere else, and am hosting it with DH.

I want to install Wordpress, so I went to the 1-click installation, and the only option it gave me was Easy Mode. Apparently in Easy mode you can’t customize all the things that I want to, so I want to use Advanced mode, but I don’t see an option for that anywhere!

Plus, right under the Easy Mode, it says something like “You currently have no active domains from DreamHost, and you need to add one before using 1-click installation”

Help please!

I tried setting it up the normal way, but even though I can see the install file there, I can’t pull it up with the URL, so I’m going to try to give 1-click another shot.

It’s on the same screen, but a bit farther down under “Install Website Software - Advanced Mode.” It’s the first one listed, with the big W logo.

You’ll first have to create a Fully Hosted Domain before you can do the Advanced Install. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains, and then create a new Fully Hosted Domain.


I’m assuming that what you mean is that you want to host the domain with Dreamhost, but you haven’t done this step yet.

As Scott says, your first step will be to host the domain here at Dreamhost.

Your two options are to move the domain registration here or to leave the domain registration somewhere else and just host the domain here. Which of these options is the most attractive to you?

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Thanks so much. I didn’t see the “Advanced Mode” part until I edited the domain to get it “fully hosted”.

Lensman- thanks for the DH tips!