Another slow site

My site at has slowed significantly in the last few days - can’t seem to find a cause - can a DreamHost Staff Member help?


I can confirm your site loads slowly. forwarded to login page and took over 30 second to render, and approx 1 minute to fully load.

BTW - you might want to correct this syntax error*:

<td align=""><center><a href="index.php?s=9cdaa1bbfdec33a70d488c60d0f89a78">

*Notice the empty align attribute on line 489 (must be one of “left”, “center”, “right”, “justify”, or “char”.) And then the following “” (and of course it’s closing counterpart) would not be needed :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed reply! The Apache instance is hosted on had quite of few hung processes, which was slowing down your site. I cleared out the hung processes that were stuck and restarted the Apache, and your site is loading quickly now! If it happens again please be sure to let our support team know; We’ll help you further from there. Thanks!

Many thanks - all working again!