Another index problem

I’m nto exactly new to webdesign, but when it comes to domains I’m completely lost. I’ve uploaded the index.html file, but when you go to the site it’s not there. Does anyone know why it’s not showing up? The domain is

Well, it should work like this:

Go to your control panel (, to the Domains subsection, then Manage Domains. Find the domain in question in that list (it may be the only one), then click on “edit” for the Web line for that domain. That should take you to a page where you can set up the directory that the domain is attached to. It should have a line that says “Web” and lists something like this:

/home/[your user name]/[something you can edit]

Check what the [something you can edit] section says; it should be the name of a folder that is in the directory you see when you log into your account via a FTP server. That directory is where you need to put your index.html page to get it to work.

If the Web service shows Active, the directory is pointing to the right place, and that’s where your index.html file is, then I have no idea what’s wrong.

I just went to your page. Your index.htm file displays fine. The only problem I see is that you have no links on that page to access any other pages or MP3 files. You must do this in your html editor, assuming you have one! Just create links to the other html pages or MP3’s in your other folders and you should be able to display them just fine as long as you have all the graphics loaded in the correct folders and that your html coding is pointing to them in order to display them. I hope this helps you get your site up and running…