Another hosting plan


I already have one hosting plan, but I want to get another one, I registered the same email address but the system told me I need to log in and then create another account.

I entered the panel and created the new account, then the system told me that account didn’t have a plan, then I clicked for adding a plan but took me to the standard creation of plans where at the begining could’t create my new hosting plan.

I wanted to pay with same credit card, no mather if the email has to be different.

how can i do it?

go there :
then here :

or signup with a different email, then, click on [merge to another account] on account summary

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Did you actually continue and try to add the plan to your second account?

The reason it failed the first time is that each account can only have one hosting plan, but you may have as many accounts as you require, each with a single plan.


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This will not work for the original poster, as they want to use the same credit-card as they used for their original purchase.


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Wasn’t there another recent thread about this where people seemed confused about how it worked? I think I figured out what confuses people. Here’s how it’s worded on the “Add an Account” page in the billing section of the panel:

The green part basically says what you just said–and is correct. The blue part could easily be taken to mean that you can host multiple plans on the same account. Bolding explained at end.

Then, sure enough, if you jump over to Home -> Manage Account, you will see “add a plan” in the plans section of the page.

But here’s what you get when you click “add a plan” (assuming you already have a plan):


Um, actually, you may only have one hosting plan per account!

You already have a hosting plan on this account.

You may want to just upgrade your existing plan?

One thing you can do is add another full hosting account. You may have as many accounts as you’d like, each with their own hosting plan.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Happy DreamHost Plan-Lock-Down Robot! [/quote]
So, I guess the confusion is understandable. Until you reach this final error that is, which is actually pretty clear.

They should probably clear up the wording on the “Add an Account” page, then maybe only show the “add a plan” link if there’s not already a hosting plan on the account.

The reason I bolded “hosting services” above is because I think that’s part of the problem. It might not throw people off as much if the first sentence read “hosting plans” and the second one read something like “account add-ons” since that’s all you can really add to a single account (dedicated IPs, etc…).

I think I got that right. If so, it should probably help clear things up for people that are confusing plans & accounts, depending on which section of the panel they end up in.

Wait! There’s more confusion, as recently pointed out in another thread. If you read the TOS (Ha! That’s for wimps… it’s like reading the instructions before you attempt to assemble something.), section #8 reads:

The saying, “Clear as mud!” comes to mind here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless I’m misreading it, I’m guessing that the TOS is outdated and probably goes back to when new customers were better off than those of us that were already here (read: $7/month Strictly Business Plan – new customers only)… but I could be wrong.

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Man, that is confusing. :s

I was simply quoting from what pops up when you attempt to ‘add a plan’ to an account that already has one. It made sense to me, at least when read in isolation, but when you read the other, mostly conflicting, information spread around the place, it’s no wonder that the original poster is going around in circles trying to achieve this.

I suppose the question doesn’t come up very often, as a single plan would generally be enough for most customers, but something really should be done about all the conflicting information.


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Oh yes, I have been trying all this time.

I already get my new account and when I enter to managge it, this is what system display.

#249460 “gvaweb” (pending) [rename]
Started: 2006-11-22
This Billing Cycle: 2006-11-22 thru 2006-12-21

We will automatically rebill your (*6514 (ex 04/08)). [modify]
You are rebilled on day 22 of each month (if you owe more than $9.23).
Balance: $0.00 [make payment]

Your Account Provides:

0 MB Disk (Grows 0 MB / week)
Used: 0 MB (NA% - Overage $.10/MB)
0 GB BW per Cycle (Grows 0 GB / week)
Used this Cycle: 0.0 GB (NA% - Overage: $0/GB)

This account has no hosting plans… add a plan to “open” it.

When I click the link in order to add a plan, take me to which has no relationship with my account because I have to fill out the enterily form and if I enter my first email address the system tell me I have to go to my panel an create another account. If I change the email, when I reach the payment section the system tell me my card is already in system and must enter another.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

P.D. Actually I don’t want to have 2 plans for me, The first one is mine, but the second one is going to be for another person who doesn’t have a credit card.

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. Multiple account creation via the panel would appear to be ‘broken’, or at least it doesn’t work as the text spread throughout the panel suggests.

I suggest lodging a support request outlining exactly what you are trying to achieve and the results you are seeing.

Unfortunately, I suspect it will take a few emails back and forth before you get any concrete results, as support, in my experience, is a little slow to admit to broken functionality in the panel :slight_smile:


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I just wish it was a bit easier to determine the intent of DH. I can completely grok the concept of one hosting account per user but then to provide something that looks like multiple hosting support is a bit weird.


I agree. The conflicting information in the TOS and the panel needs to be addressed.

If multiple accounts are not allowed, DreamHost needs to remove the references from the Panel. If multiple accounts are allowed, they need to update the TOS and actually make the panel process work as expected.


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I asked the support team and the answer is:

As for having a second account it is not allowed per
our tos, though if you want to add a second account to your WebID you can
do that by going to this page

It attaches a 2nd sub-domain to your Main account which is allowed, here
is a page that explains how our accounts are laid out

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