Another Domain Xfer Question-Sorry

Ok, I requested a domain xfer from exhost to dreamhost.

I have a current domain & hosting plan with DH. The xfer has not been complete, yet. What do I do next?

I want xferred site to be directed to existing site here at DH. In other words, I got a domain here at DH so I could set up a new portal/forums. Its done, but now I want my old domain(the one being xfered) to point at the newly setup site so that it does not matter if the user goes to or, its the same site. Ya dig?

a. do i have to wait till the domain gets xfered?
b. do i then set up a mirror, cloak, or redirect?

Thanks in advance.


Once you have a domain registered, the next step is to set it to use Dreamhost DNS -

You do this with your domain registrar, whether it is Dreamhost or someone else. Most of the time you can do it online.

You can set up more than one domain to direct to the same site using the Domains tab in your Dreamhost control panel. See

I have it registered and put in for a xfer request. I hope this is right.

I understand a redirect but will it accomplish what I want to do, ie and being the same site? Or do I use the mirror method?

If both domains are hosted by Dreamhost, you can use either the mirror or the redirect method to make them both go to the same site. Use redirect if you want the user’s address bar to show the destination domain even if they typed the other one, while you can use mirror instead if you would rather the URL in the user’s browser stay at whichever domain they typed.

– Dan

Thanks Dan. Yes, both domains are here at dreamhost. I think I better explain.

I set up domain: It is working well. However, I wanted to xfer and use all the stuff set up under without having to do all the grunt work again.

I have the hosted option set for and I have mirror enabled on the domain.

Unfortunately, whenever I type in it still acts like its simply being redirected to seanpkelley, ie, it changes the url in the browser to and I dont want that to happen.

Do i put the mirror option on I did that but then I couldnt access either site. Yikes!

  1. redirects (301 Permanent) to
  2. redirects (302 Found) to
    (as reported by

Do you have an .htaccess file or PHP script in the document root that is issuing a redirect to the forum index page?

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Yes I do, is that the problem?

So if I took out that .htaccess file it would work fine? Hmmm…what method could I use to get my portal index page to show up.

I wonder if I should just xfer my stuff to the domain and be done with it.

The Rewrite directive can’t use the hostname to determine the URL to redirect to. You can try using mod_rewrite, or CGI to issue a conditional redirect.

Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 Documentation

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Yeah, I am not sure about doing that stuff so I think I am gonna try having grumblingdwarf hosted and xfer all the files & dbase there. If possible.

Then I will use as my personal website to put dumb crap, like a blog.