Another day, another email outage


For the millionth time this year, we can’t send email. It’s been down all morning. The connection to the server (spork) keeps timing out. This situation is completely unacceptable. Dreamhost email truly sucks. I complain about it almost every week and every time they assure me the problem’s fixed. Clearly, Dreamhost is either unable or unwilling to commit the time and resources needed to really fix the ongoing problem(s) with their email servers. No business can afford to rely on Dreamhost email and expect to stay in business for long.


See the thread below this one. No need to start another one.
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I disagree. We need to start more threads–even hundreds of theads --and flood this forum with rants until Dreamhost gets their fat asses off their Aerons and fixes the damn email servers. I’ve had it with this crap!


Oh, I completely understand the frustration. I just think they don’t really care what happens on this forum, and it’s easier for us to consolidate into one thread.
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They certainly don’t appear to care, but they might begin to if they saw an explosion in the number of threads on this subject.


My domains were working for awhile within the last several hours but now there are out again.


Actually, I can send email just fine. The outage may not be as widespread as some have suggested.

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