Another CSS problem

Okay, the page:

The problem:

  1. In Mozilla, the menu expands and is placed indented to the left just fine. In IE, the menu expands BUT the menu is placed too far to the left so that the last set of expanding links expand right off of the page.

  2. In Safari (Apple browser), the menu appears in the top left hand corner and disappears upon clicking.

  3. One person in IE 6 (the same browser version I tested it on), the menu didn’t expand. They claim they have javascript enabled but I’m not sure I believe them…

Any ideas?

Apparently IE handles floats differently and having a 7em margin on both div#nav and div#main is causing the problem here. Don’t have a solution for you.

Yeah, I would not believe them either. What you are using is actually called a “script behavior”, and there is a separate setting for enabling or disabling such things, which falls under “ActiveX controls and plug-ins” as “Binary and script behaviors”. So there are at least two settings that have to be enabled, that one and the one for “Active scripting”.

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Yeah, I had a feeling it also needed one of the ones under ActiveX.

Thanks! The IE hack seems to work okay, but I wish I knew why it’s so screwy on a Mac.

Thanks for the help–I went ahead and completely changed the layout.