Another Clueless Newbie


I just registered my domain name yesterday, and I have been up all night building my site. I was wondering how to build my site in private from the rest of the world. I am working with a website template that I purchased from a ThemeForest author. I am very new at html, CSS, js, php, and all of those wonderful things and I’m just stumbling through the process of making small changes to the original authors code to suit my website needs. The problem is that I have had an insane time trying to set up a local server (I was using XAMPP) and so now, I just loaded the template to my domain so that I can visualize the changes I am making, and I am simply making changes to the files on my computer one at a time and uploading them immediately to see those changes.

I am sorry for rambling, but is there a fairly simple way to keep my site private until I’m finished with the programming and ready to publish it?

yes, you can password protect the directory. Go here in the panel

It’s pretty self explain but if you need help along the way just post back with the next question. Don’t check the WebDAV box when you get there, that is unrelated to what you want.