Another "bad_httpd_conf" error

I just signed up for a new package and added my first domain. I’ve been getting the “bad_httpd_conf” error when I go to my IP address: When I go to the domain name;, I get a page not found.

I submitted a support ticket but it looks like the problem has been going on since January. What’s the status, and why does it take so long to fix it?

When I load in my web browser (Safari) I see a very pleasent website about something pasta.

When I load the IP address I get that bad conf error you mentioned. One thing that springs to mind; is this “your” IP address? Did you specify/have you cofngiured to have a static IP address for this domain? If not, it’s probably the IP address of the shared hosting machine so that error is irrevlavent and I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as people can reach your site through your domain, which it looks to me like they can, you’re OK.

  • wil

Unless you have a unique IP, you’ll get that error if you access your site via its IP address.

Thanks Wil. My site wasn’t loading at all the past three days and seems like I post here and magically it starts working. Weird.

I wouldn’t worry about the IP normally, but I was trying to load MovableType and figured I could access the application that way while I waited for the DNS to resolve the domain name.

But seems to be working for now. Thanks!! :)Katherine