Another Awstats thread

I’ve tried to look for a solution for this everywhere but without any luck. I installed Awstats fine but the cron doesnt want to work properly. This is the email i recieve everyday at 11:00 GMT.

I dont know if im linking to the wrong file or something because my stat have never updated before

I also tried to add an “Update Now” button by changing the conf file as i couldnt get the cron working but that didnt appear. Alot of people have this problem but noones answered that. Can anyone help me out?

What’s your crontab say? Mine looks like so:

0 3 * * * perl /home/username/awstats/tools/ -update -awstatsprog=/home/username/awstats/cgi-bin/ -dir=/home/username/
I wonder if you’re having this trouble because your path doesn’t seem to start with /home/username?

(I can’t get the instructions for the “Update now” button to work either, not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong.)

Well when i set it up with /home/username it says it cannot find the directory.

This is how my server is layed out:

So doesnt that mean i dont need the home/ part of the path?

EDIT: Oh and this is my cron:

perl -update

Please guys, someone has to know what theyre doing. I’ve tried everything :frowning:

Well, for starters, you should always use the full path. That means /home/yourusername/ on the front of all of those directories for your website files, and /usr/local/bin on the front of perl.

/usr/local/bin/perl /home/username/ … (and so on).

Try that and see what happens.

This is kind of a stretch as far as my knowledge about installing apps like this, but since nobody else seems to know what the problem is either :slight_smile: I’ll try to help out.

Your directory structure is kinda weird; that threw me off a bit. Is it just that your username and the domain name are the same?

What’s the path to your log file in your file? (Mine is LogFile="/home/username/logs/" )

My install does look a lot different from yours. My awstats directory is outside of my webspace, at /home/username/awstats/ I don’t know that installing it where you did should cause any sort of problem, but if it’s still not working after all this time, I wonder if it might be worth a try to remove it altogether and reinstall using either these instructions: or these ones:

Even if one of those is what you used before, maybe something went wrong during the installation. The first set of instructions is what I used & it got me up and running fairly easily.

Or, an alternative, this post has a link to an awstats package that a user here set up for updating via the browser – I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe it’ll help you out.


Thanks alot! :smiley: i tried using my username before hand but i installed it slightly differently than the guide. I thought this time i’d follow the guide to the letter and insert the /home/username path aswell and it works fine now.

Now i want to try and get both my domain and subdomains stats to integrate so they both add up to the total. How could i do this? make the cron point at the subdomains log file aswell somehow?

Hmm. There’s a tool called, should be in your awstats/tools directory: That might do the trick.