Anonymous Hosting

I would like to host a domain with DreamHost that is VERY anonymous. It will be a whistleblower site. Does anyone know if DH will register and host without revealing any contact info or allow info to show up in a Whois search?

Hi John Doe,

Just put false info, in your contact info for the whois.

It might be against the rules but no one has to know. I would put a valid e-mail though :slight_smile:

I think hosting and whois are two separate questions. For the whois part of the equation you could use a service like Domains by Proxy to put a layer between yourself and simple lookups.

To my mind this is preferable to providing a bunch of knowingly fake information. Building a whistleblower site on a foundation of lies would seem to hurt credibility from the get-go.

Register the domain through domains by proxy or a similar service.

Be extra careful, depending on whom you’re blowing the whistle.

I have privately registered domains through (who is affiliated with Domains By Proxy), and have been happy with it because it does rebuf a whois query, but I think the veil of privacy is relatively easy to have pierced.

If you read the proxy agreement at DomainsByProxy, you can interpret that a simple subpoena can obtain the otherwise anonymous information.

So if you’re going after someone with deep enough pockets to have legal representation that can press the argument that you are defaming/slandering/etc. them, they could sue to get the data. I actually have a friend that was on the phone with a private registrar once and threatened legal action and got the information.

My guess is that Dreamhost would also surrender any information if they were served.

You might want to consult with an attorney if you are really worried about what legal ground you’ll be standing on (what you’re planning on saying, how you’re planning on saying it, and against whom you’re going to say it).

Good luck!

You can get this at
The call it whois protection. MY partner uses it for a domain she runs and it works well. At the moment it costs .99 per year.

Once you have the domain just point it at dreamhost and away you go.

i got my private whois through network solutions. Not sure how good it is, but for an extra 5.00/year i’m safe from most places. If I had a P.O. Box, I wouldn’t care as much as listing my information publicly. I just hate getting all the advertisements in the mail…

I think it is better to look for true offshore hosts if you want a reliable anonymous domain registration. There are a few on the web like anonymous domain hosting.

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