Anonymous FTP

Is this the option for members to upload files to the server. I want to give the members of my forums the option to upload files to the server for other users to download. It this the feature that I want to use? If not, how do I go about setting this up? Basically I’d like to set up an exchange.

Thanks in advance.


It probably isn’t the best thing to do. You’re much better with a PHP based solution where you can monitor who does what (through logging/Mysql). Unless you tightly control who can upload to your server. If you really want to do it, go to Domains->Anon-FTP. Not sure if you need to buy a static IP from them though. I think they said that when I signed up a few months ago.

You should probably only use anonymous FTP for people to download files.

You can however set up FTP-only users through the control panel if there are a select group of members you want to grant the ability to upload to your site. I just did it yesterday (Users tab on the control panel) for a friend to transfer photos.


look into possible addons with your forum software/scripts. In general, you do not want to give FTP upload privileges to anyone you don’t consider either “family” or “close colleague”

There are stand-alone upload scripts out there too. Google “File thingie” for one example.