Anonymous ftp folder

I want my site to include a page (a folder) where users can download (only) specific files I have uploaded. I purchased the ftp IP. I now have a folder called “incoming”. I believe I have the permissions set correctly. When I go to that directory, from a browser, I do not get a pop-up requesting logon info.
Can someone step me thru getting from where I am to providing a url where clients can download files? If so, please be very explicit. I am not exactly a newbie, but I really PLOD thru new things.
thanks in advance.

Since you are using Anonymous FTP, there should be no need for any login dialog. You should be able to browse directly to the folder and download whatever is in it without any login necessary. Here’s an example:

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Well, I got that then.
When I log on to my ftp url, I get the list of every file I have on that server.
Do I create a new folder for a public download location? I thought I could make a folder with only the files I want to make available & the user would enter “anonymous” in the log-in box. I guess I have just made all my site files visible to the world.
BTW, thanks for your quick help.