Anonymous FTP failing on Macintosh


I recently set up anonymous ftp and most users are having no trouble. But a Macintosh user who tries to upload files using Netscape or Safari gets errors like “the item (filename) could not be copied because (ftpfoldername) cannot be modified.” This is happening when attempting to upload into the open folder, which has all permissions granted. Any insight?



I didn’t know that Safari could upload FTP, and I use Safari. If you’d like, you can send me a Private message with the link and I can take a look.



You can’t use Safari or Netscape to upload files to FTP. While you can enter an FTP location in the address bar, it ends up trying to use the Finder’s built-in FTP client. And for some reason Apple has never allowed users to be able to upload to FTP sites through the Finder FTP, though you can download files. Supposedly Apple doesn’t want users to be confused and use an FTP site as a file management area, but I think if you’re bothering to try to connect to one in the first place then you know what you’re doing. On the Mac you have to use an FTP client to upload files to an anonymous FTP server.


…or the Terminal.