Anonymous ftp access?


Hey all :slight_smile:

I’ve been sitting at me computer here for the past two days trying to figure this out without having to bother ye good folk - but at this stage, my brains frazzled and I’m not getting anywhere…

I work in sport analysis, and have set up anonymous ftp to allow clubs upload video files of their matches to my site so I can work on the files. These files can be up to 2GB each (I’m not even sure if this is workable - but the anon ftp seems to be the only way)…

The teams only have to upload the files - I don’t want them being able to view other teams matches or see or do anything else, so I’ve set the anon ftp setting on the incoming directory to ‘STOR’ only.

My question is - now that I’ve set this up, I have no idea how to go about testing it. Would I link them to the webFTP login page on dreamhost? And if so, it asks for ‘Host’ along with the login and password.

If anyone could point me in the right direction here, I’d be forever grateful :slight_smile: - ta.


Well if your setting up a Blind FTP then they can connect with any client they choose even IE or Windows Explorer.

The host is your domain ftp://ftp.domain.tld , the username is anonymous, the convention is to enter your email as the password but would work…

Is that what you mean?



If you are dealing with non-technical people, you may consider setting up WebDAV which integrates fairly nicely with Windows without too much fuss.


Please avoid WebDAV unless you’re using an application which specifically uses it (e.g, various iPhone apps, CalDAV/CardDAV, etc). In particular, please don’t try to use it for web “authoring” — the permissions required by WebDAV are weird, and will interact poorly with other web applications or authoring tools (including FTP).


thanks Jw… that’s what I was trying to figure out… if something this simple catches me out, god help me in the future :wink:

and thanks for your reply too bobo - but seeing as I’ve never heard of Webdav, I think I’ll take andrews advice and stay well away for now ha.

best keep things simple for a while…


You can find more anonymous FTP information here:

Note it does require a dedicated IP to set up.