Anonymou FTP login problem

Hi guys, I setup a anonymous FTP account with one of my subdomains (bla bla bla used as to not advertise my domain). The end goal is to allow clients to upload files to this subdomain as part of their responce to a Request For Quote web site I’m building up. The goal is to use a script “MyFTPUploader”, and have it situated on a web page for each RFQ i want fullfilled, have the script use an anonymous login to our FTP and upload files.

Now the problem I have is it’s been almost 2 days since i initiated the process to setup the anonymou FTP account and I still can’t login as an anonymous user. I have tried the WebFTP site, clicking on teh link where anonymou FTP settings are kept to use IE as the client, as well use CuteFTP. From the info screen in CuteFTP, it’s resolving and tryign to login to the correct IP address as shown on the anonymou FTP settings screen in the control panel so it shoudl not be a DNS issue, but I keep getting the following:

STATUS:> Connected. Authenticating…
COMMAND:> USER anonymous
331 Anonymous login ok, send your complete email address as your password.
530-Unable to set anonymous privileges.
530 Login incorrect.
ERROR:> Not logged in.

I have tried to contact support twice, once about 16 hours ago, again 2 or 3 hours ago with no responce. useually DH responds to my support issues very very fast so they couls justbe over worked right now, but maybe it’s a simple thing or a setting I have missed that you guys can give me the answer to.

Any help is appriciated.


Don’t use anonymous FTP, it’s far too risky.

Just setup an uploading script on your website. There are plenty around, many open source and GPL, which you can tailor to meet your specific requirements.

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