I didn’t know where else to post this - so hopefully someone here can help.

I built a small website for my company, but the company has some ethical issues with my putting it on the Internet and taking credit for it. They say that some of their partners might be upset if they saw I was an employee of the company and potentially competing with them.

It’s silly, and over protective, because my website is not competing with anyone!

Anyhow, I have anonymous domain registration - just says Dreamhost on it. Is there any other way that someone could trace the domain back to me? Other websites DO have my name on them - but I am not sure if someone can sniff the other domains on the IP somehow?

Anyhow, just curious. Please let me know your thoughts.


I can’t quite decipher what you are trying to explain about your circumstances (your use of the pronoun “my” is confusing and ambiguous), but I’m not sure any of that is really important or relevant to your question, so I won’t comment on it.

The short answer is, “Yes, there is!” There is a thread that discusses the privacy of domain registration information already on the forum, and it may well have information that is useful to you. :wink:

If you have any other question that is not a repeat of that, post back and I’m sure you will get more answers!