Anon FTP

Hey Everyone,

I do not know tons about web admin/ftp and all that, and I am trying to set up an anon ftp user account, but I really dont know what I would use for taht person to connect, and what folder that user uploads stuff to. Is the hostname the same as the main user account? What is the password? I have no idea where the password is listed. Thank for any help in advance.

See the Kbase article.

Alec Usticke

i have seen that. that doesnt help at all because it does not tell me what i use as a hostname and password.

having never used annon FTP with dreamhost I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it would be yoru domain name. you might possible need to specify but most likely not.


Nothing works, I really dont know what to do. Anyone else have any more ideas? i need to get people able to upload things.

i can connect to but when i try to upload anything i get a permissions error

I have not configured anon ftp on DreamHost, but in my past experience…

The username must be either ‘anonymous’ or ‘ftp’ and the password should not matter, though some ftpd implementations require something that at least looks like an email address (i.e. something with an @ in it somewhere).

If that doesn’t work, I would contact support.



You can go in and configure permissions for anon user in your control panel. I believe the ability to upload is disabled by default.