Annoying pop-ups

First post - sorry if this has been posted before.

I’ve been getting complaints from clients about advertising pop-ups showing up when they visit my site. I’ve checked my web page code to ensure it’s clean - it is.

I’ve gotten them on my own computer even after I checked for malware and viruses several times using different product to ensure the PC is clean (Win XP Pro SP3).

I’ve been asked to relocate the site, but I’ve been a DH client since 2003. Is there an alternative solution than moving?


We don’t add popups to your site — we’d never dream of doing anything as crazy and evil as that. If you’re getting any, it’s either part of your site or malware installed on your visitors’ computers.

Have you tried replacing the page with a blank “Hello World” site with no extra stuff added (php, javascript, etc) ?

As Andrew said, we don’t add popups. If several of your clients are getting popups when visiting your site, then logically the problem is the site.

My apolgies,

I found out that one of the third-party counters was the culprit. Thanks for your help.

I shall remain a happy customer of DH.