Announcment list unsubscribe question

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I just set up an announcement list and it works fine but it would appear that anyone can Unsubscribe anyone else simply by clicking the Unsubscribe link in their announcement email and then putting another person’s email in the form and clicking UNSUBSCRIBE.

then they are just gone poof.
I don’t see anyplace that shows who Unsubscribed.
Can I add something to the Unsubscribe Form that sends me an email with the person’s IP address when this happens?


Have a look at the “emailit” field:,_PHP,and_Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List


thanks, that helped, I had to create a new email address to get the unsubscribed message, so that is fine now, but I can’t figure out how to get the form to send the IP address of whoever unsubscribed.

I include this:

in the form with the other variables but I don’t get the usual env_report, instead I get this in the email:

The following variables were passed in the unsubscribe form:

name:Real Name


You could get it from your raw logs, at the request for your form page at the time of the email.


i need the same… a simple link in the mail to unsubscribe … how i can do that?

in the link from the wiki i can see the answer…