Announcing DreamSpeed CDN

Today we launched a new DreamObjects feature called DreamSpeed CDN. It’s a content delivery network for DreamObjects that’s powered by Fastly.

We opted for a simple approach
[]Bucket-level acceleration
]Standard HTTP cache header support
[]Use your own domain with CNAMEs
]Simple pricing with no minimums and no contracts

Learn more on our website -

And find instructions in our wiki -

Check it out and let me know your feedback!

Thanks for providing CDN support :slight_smile: but what about using other CDN providers on mapped CNAME domains???

This issue still exists. I don’t know why DreamHost is ignoring such a big issue. On the other hand Amazon S3 works perfectly with other CDN providers on mapped CNAME domains.

Please fix this issue as well. I will be very thankful to you.

I’m very happy to see this and really want to use it but…

I need it for wordpress. I have a site with over 1k of photos. I am aware of the Dreamspeed Plugin that Mika is working on as a personal contribution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t address sites like mine that have a lot of legacy media content. I don’t see any thing (yet) that gives information on moving existing media successfully to the CDN for Wordpress. I know Fastly offers a plugin that does this for its service, but of course, it doesn’t apply to Dreamspeed implementations.

Is there anyone with information on integrating legacy Wordpress media into Dreamspeed? I’d really like to use the service. I have also posted a similar request in the Wordpress forum but so far, I haven’t heard from anyone who has done it.

I’m excited you’ve found Mika’s plugin for DreamSpeed!

We’re still beta testing it and she’s working on adding support for uploading existing media. Hopefully it’ll work for you soon.