Announcet List: Somethin ain't workin

I think I have this coded correctly. Can anyone see why it’s not sending to my custom ‘you’ve subscribed’ page?

-Tig Out

I don’t have any announcement lists set up to subscribe like this, so this is not the voice of experience speaking.

It looks like you’re missing backslashes from the end of all your variables that Dreamhost wants.

For instance, the kbase on announcement lists says you should look like:

and you look like:

I know someone who recently set up a list like this and they have backslashes on all their variables and the script works.

I’d try replacing

<input type="hidden" name="domain" value="">with

<input type="hidden" name="domain" value="">and see if that helps. That’s the only major difference I could see between your code and mine–I have the full URL in other fields but just the domain name in that one.