Announcement Subscription with WordPress



I am looking for some help with people not being able to join my announcement list on my WordPress website. Tech support hasn’t been able to determine the problem, so I am seeing if anyone else has had this problem. is one of the pages that is causing some problems. If you enter the name of “Sam” and then an email address, it takes you to a page that have named Sam rather then my confirmation page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your site appears to have been compromised. Norton Internet Security blocks visits to it for me.

this might help:

Support also has some tools that might help, if you open another ticket and ask.


There’s a conflict between WordPress and the “name” and “email” variables we pass back to your confirmation page. Set the “nourlvars=1” parameter on the subscription form to suppress this.

See for details.



Thank you for the heads up, only problem is . . . I have no idea how to “Set the “nourlvars=1” parameter on the subscription form”.
Any help would be great, unfortunately the wiki didn’t tell me how or where to do it.

I am a true Dreamling.


The HTML code would be