Announcement Lists

Is there any chance that DreamHost will add a WYSIWYG editor to the panel? Something like TinyMCE would be amazing for composing html emails.

I’d be greatly surprised. But you can always suggest it.


You don’t necessarily have to wait on that. The DreamHost API provides for posting announcements and it is relatively easy for a programmer to develop a CGI script or other application to use it.

Customer since 2000 :cool:

Can’t you just use a WYSIWYG editor on your PC and copy/pasta the source into a new List?

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That and you can simply setup a static HTML page that loads TinyMCE and copy/pasta from it too. After all you’re on the 'net already if you’re in the DreamHost Web Panel. More than way to go about it.

Customer since 2000 :cool:

I believe this is not a problem for developers. But it helps those non-developers to build a HTML page or email.

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