Announcement lists

I’m curious, I’d like to be able to offer announcement lists to clients but I don’t want them logging into the control panel and using the form there. Is there a way they can get this feature in a password protected directory, or simmilar, and that would be isolated from my stuff? I realize SPAM is always an issue but these are small businesses who have small mailing lists and abuse is unlikely. If this kind of access to the announcement list feature is out of the question is there an alternative?

With Account Privileges, they can use their own Panel login to manage the list. You would just have to create the list first.

If you want to totally avoid the panel, you can create a modified Discussion list that’s restricted to one moderator/sender. Otherwise, stick with Announce if that’s what you really want. It’s pretty handy.

Oh, and we’re not worried about spam. The mailing lists here are double-opt in, or at least a valid confirmation to join.


That’s kind of what I imagined. My problem is that I don’t want to give my clients any, even limited, control panel access and I don’t want to have to enter their announcements into the form myself. I’d prefer that they use the announcement list form mainly because it is Double Opt In. But if the only way they can access that feature is via the control panel I guess it will have to be a discussion list. Is there a good description of that kind of discussion list configuration in the wiki or here in the forum or should I start googling?

It might be worth considering adding an “external” form for people like me. As a web designer It’s great to be able to go back to old customers and say, “hey I’ve got a great new feature you might want to add to your website”. It’s a good way to drum up a little extra work during these hard economic times.

I’ve never written up how to do it, but it boils down to making it a Moderated list, but allow one specific email address to post to the list without moderation. All other posts will get hung up in a moderation queue, should someone guess the email address for outbound messages.

Go ahead and set one up at the domain where it’ll be hosted and start tinkering. If you really break it, you can delete it and start over.


Thanks for the suggestion, I think I can figure it out.

I would like to set up a distribution list without moderation. I can’t seem to see how to remove moderation for either specific people or for everyone.

Is it possible with Announcement lists to have a user who is only an email user and not the main account holder gain access to send an email announcement? Can announcements only be sent from the panel?

Thanks for your help.