Announcement lists

I have a list of email addresses from a list on a previous webhost.

I’ve created a new one here at dreamhost and would like to import them in. Is there a way to bypass the reconfirmation emails that will be sent to each of the addresses? I know that it is for anti-spam measures, but I already know these addresses are good and I don’t want to punish my list users for that fact that I had to switch backends on them.


There used to be a way, but I don’t think there is now that DH have tightened their anti-spam policy. You may be able to write support and prove that this list did belong legitimately elsewhere and they may be able to import them for you. I don’t know.

  • wil

Were the addresses originally confirmed using a closed-loop (“confirmed opt-in”) system, and do you have the date, time, and IP of signup? is pretty clear about our policy; if your existing list conforms to the policy already, and you can prove it, contact support and request to have the list imported.

On the other hand, if the list hasn’t been collected according to these standards, I’d respectfully submit that you don’t know for sure that the addresses are good, because there’s a good possibility that addresses may have been added without their owner’s consent, either accidentally or maliciously. The policy (and reconfirmations) are designed to make our jobs easier by making it easier for us to defend you against any spam complaints that might come in about your announcement list.