Announcement Lists, Wordpress, & Permalinks

I’ve entered custom URLS that match wordpress page urls (, but when the redirect happens, passing along some pairs ( I’m getting 404s.

I think this is because there are already pairs being passed in and it’s being re-written.

Anyone run into this and the fix? Thanks!

That’s actually a file link to “?” in the “page-title-here” folder.

Remove the trailing slash.

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Interesting idea. I tried this, and still no workie. I think wordpress needs the trailing slash. I think the problem is this: is actually that’s being re-written via mod_rewrite to the “pretty” form. so in a way these custom pages are something like:… etc which of course is silly and wouldn’t work.

i think the only solution is some custom mod_rewrite magic.

any one else with ideas? i’d like be able to update these titles/urls without editing .htaccess…