Announcement lists notify on join

when you set emailit=1 in the form for the announcement list signup it does not send an email to me at that address when someone signs up. I have an announcement list set up, signups and sending mails work but I do not receive the notification when people join. I can even send a message form my private account to and recive it fine.

the listname as shown on the dreamhost control panel is By default the listname has to be The directions say it will be sent to the Does this mean it would be sent to of course that doesn’t work.

Yeah, that’s set. it looks like this:

any ideas?

OK, nevermind. I figured it out. At one point I changed the list email address and just now noticed a note that says if you want to change the address you need to completely delete the list and create a new one. It would be good to put a note in the wiki too.

thanks anyway.