Announcement lists - missing feature!

The announcement list feature is very well made, and very customizable with all the custom URLs you can specify so that users will see pages on your website rather than generic ones from the Dreamhost list scripts. But I found that there are two URLs that I can’t customize:

1: When I add new addresses to an existing list, these new subscribers will get an e-mail with a URL to click on, in order to accept the subscription. This URL can’t be specified anywhere, so the user just gets a very generic page on a not-my-domain URL, in the form of

2: Also, if a user clicks the link in their confirmation again later, there’s the same URL but another generic message (“Form Submission Error”), which I also can’t customize or personalize.

I would love to have these list-management URLs point to my own domain (so that users don’t think they are being hoaxed into weird lists but instead recognize the URL as part of my domain) – or at least it would be nice if I could personalize the appearance of the displayed page, even if it’s not on my domain.
It would be nice to give users a link to my homepage or something - anything - rather than just a dead end.

Ideas, suggestions, comments??

Torben :slight_smile:

As far as having the URLs at your own domain, this is something I’ve been thinking about, since I’d love to have a standard remove link in the headers and footer for each announcement list message, and it would look much nicer if this link were at the customer’s domain. If we did this, it would be easy to put the other links within this domain as well.

The only issue with doing this is that it means we’d have to add yet another generic DNS record to each customer domain for this, which always creates the possibility of collisions with existing or future subdomains, and also will cause problems if a customer uses third party DNS (such a solution can’t “live” on the individual web machines, but pretty much has to be centralized).

It’s possible that we could create some small snippets of code for customers to add to their own site when setting up the announcement list (which would somehow pass data on or redirect to the real location), but I think this adds yet another possible point of failure into the system.

As far as #2, I’ll see what can be done about this - at the least it should say something like “Error - address has already been confirmed.”

Does this also mean that, at least during this testing phase, I can’t use multiple email addresses from the same IP?

I get that generic message and can’t tell if it’s because I’ve subscribed in the last few minutes or “because the URL you used is malformed.” – unfortunately, I didn’t form the URL.