Announcement lists - changing name


Hi guys. Is there any easy way to change the registered name of an announcement list member without having to unsubscribe them and resubscribe?

Doesn’t matter if it has to be done by the list admin or if they can do it themselves…


I do not think there is. It is to prevent spam I suppose.

Just add the new address in the add box and then the old address in the delete box.
They will only have to click on a link in the email they get.



Doesn’t work, afraid. I’m trying to change the name whilst keeping the email address the same. I’ve tried putting the email address in both the “add” and “remove” boxes with a new name in the “add” box, but it just says

“The following addresses will not be added because they were already on your list:”


So you are trying to change to then?

I think it will have to be a case of removing the user and then re subscribing them back to the list then in that case.

So you would put [name: fred] in the remove box and remove that user.

Then put [name: john] in the add box and add them in. A subscription message will still be sent out and they will have to click the link. It has to do with the DreamHost strict anti-spam policy of course.