Announcement lists and "from" email

I’m still working on getting my site functioning perfectly before switching my domain name over to the dreamhost DNS. so i am currently using the subdomain mirroring option to test things out. Everything is working well and its nice to be able to test with.

the one thing that i am wondering is that i tried out their announce list feature. even though i’m putting my real email address in the ‘from’ field, the email/announement that is sent to my list (just me at the moment for testing) has the ‘from’ field as this:

myname, (sent by <

since that is pretty unprofessional with the "" line in there, is this just something that’s happening because i’m using the test subdomain to test on? Once I get my DNS switched, will this line disappear, or is this just something that is included on all emails that are sent out using their announcement list feature? once again that you all, everyone has beeen so helpful



Is that or

I use where is hosted at DreamHost, and the From and Reply-to go out as; however, the Return-path [Edit] and Sender are the bouncer@DreamHost.

I’m getting confused myself now lol
for my example lets say that I have a domain:
but i didn’t change its dns yet since i want to have it all setup first, so i am testing it on

so in my control panel i added an announcement list and just added my own email as a recipient to test it. in the announcement list’s settings i put the from name to:

so now i send out a test message and when I check it in my email, it does arrive. but it has that added ‘sent by <’ line in the header. in my opinion this looks unprofessional and i couldn’t use it if that’s how its going to be. but i was wondering since i didn’t transfer my dns over yet, if maybe it has something to do with the fact that i’m still just using the subdomain? or, maybe this is how it is?

You’re using Outlook, aren’t you?

This is a known issue with Outlook (and possibly Outlook Express? I’m not sure). When the From: and Sender: headers are different, Outlook will append “sent by” or “on behalf of” in its message display list. I saw this problem a year or two ago when setting up a (non-DH) Mailman list for a client. I don’t think there’s a fix other than “don’t use Outlook” (unfortunately, you can’t tell the recipients of your mail that). You may just have to deal with it; only Outlook users will see this, after all. The alternative would be to send your mail using some other means.

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Yep that’s the problem. I’m on a Mac so it’s Entourage, but that seems to show up the same. Unfortunately this isn’t really usable then.

My main problem is the outgoing mail message limit per hour when doing my own list with my own software. but it looks like that is our only option as we can’t send out mail with that extra sender-from tag.

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.