Announcement list

I have a group that needs to used the announcement list and we have set one up for them.
The problem they are having is that they want to use their email client to send the email. I only see a way to send a message and that is if they log into dreamhost with my account.

I then thought that maybe I could setup a discussion list but have it only allow an admin to send or reply, but no luck there either.

So the basic requirements are:

  1. reply to should have the senders email address.
  2. only one person is allowed to send the email.

Any ideas on how they can do this?

Why didn’t the discussion list work? You can configure permissions so only specific users can post unmoderated to the list. Reply To is also configurable.


Can you explain how to set that up? I thought I tried every setting.

I suggest you install a test discussion list to experiment.

In the General Configuration, there is an option for where to direct replies, and I think an option to override the From: address. It’s pretty flexible, so it’s easy for all replies to go to the poster.

When managing users, you can turn on moderation, so their posts to the mailing list go into a queue. For your setup, this is more like a black hole, since none of their replies will ever get posted to the list. Give your main user permission to post without the Moderation flag turned on.