Announcement List


Our account services our church community, and I want to set up an announcement list for us to send out information easily to members. Does the announcement list feature allow me to send an announcement using an email program (outlook or firefox, for instance), or do I have to use the dreamhost panel interface?

Thanks in advance. C


I have the exact same question!


“Announcement” list is a panel-only interface. Your only option if you want to email the message is to create a Discussion list that severely limits who can send. Make it moderated, and posts only come from a specific email address.



Wow, this is the second recommendation I’m making today for Dada Mail. It was originally designed for announcements where you send mail from a browser interface or your own email client. For a long time now it’s also had the ability for all members to participate. Check it out.


I should also mention that you might be a perfect candidate for CiviCRM which has a rich mailing module.