Announcement list

I want to use the announcement list to send out newsletters for a club website. I want the Secretary to be able to send out the newsletter but I do not want them to have acess to the control panel. Is there a way to do this?

Can the announcement include a PDF file attachment?


You can grant them account privileges for access to the announcement list:

I don’t know if you can add attachments, though. I couldn’t find details in the wiki.


From my experience, you have to go into the administration console of the list and select the size limits of attachments - The default is very low i.e. 15kb or so. - City Streets

thanks for the info.


I could not find where this admin console for the list is that I can select the size of attachment limits.

Any help I would love, as I’m having the same issue to send our customers a PDF of our products to sell.

The email you receive upon creation of the announcement list by dreamhost has the URL for your admin page.

A sample might look like this:

Hope that helps. - City Streets