Announcement List Requests


Prior to deciding to migrate our company’s website to Dreamhost (thanks for the free hosting for nonprofits, guys!) I had been looking into announcement list software. I was particularly impressed with DadaMail. However, when I discovered that Dreamhost came with announcement lists built-in, I was pleased that I wouldn’t have to do all the set-up myself.

That said, there are some significant features present in DadaMail that I would love to see implemented here!
[]There is an option that will automatically send the most recent announcement on the list to new subscribers when they’ve completed the double-opt-in process. In other words, a new subscriber signs up, and immediately receives a copy of the most recent newsletter.
]“Dada Mail also has a separate screen to allow you to capture the content of a particular URL to use as content in your Mailing List Message. This is done simply by giving Dada Mail the URL to use for the content.”
[*]I would also love to have the ability to have a “Congrats! You’ve subscribed!” e-mail sent to new members of the announcement list but still be able to use the e-mail address like a regular address, instead of just an autoresponder. We’re a theatre organization, and we’d like the announcements to come from the boxoffice@{domain} address (and have set it up that way), but we still (obviously) have to use that address for ticket sales. It would be nice to have the announcement list have a Welcome Message built-in that’s more than just a website at the end of a single-use link.

Anyway, thanks for a great service, Dreamhost!