Announcement List Redirect Problem

This is a strange one that I haven’t seen before, so I was wondering if anyone else has encountered it. Before I begin, let me add that I’m using DH’s announcement list & I’ve had the code set up for some time, and things worked fine when I originally set it up, so I’m guessing either they’ve changed something, or theres some kind of bug causing things to glitch.

Anyway, I’ve got the form set up for subscribing to the list & it has custom addresses to re-direct to after submission (per the wiki instructions). When it goes to the new page, it is supposed to pass the email address & a code indicating the success of the registration in the address bar in the format of

However, today I’m noticing that what I get is

The problem with this is that my code actually tries to parse the address out & its output is something along the lines of, “you have successfully registered for the list.” Obviously, that isn’t working at the moment.

I put in a support request, but was just wondering in the meantime if anyone had encountered this or had any ideas on a simple solution, without having to re-code my entire page to either unencode the url, or eliminate that portion from my output.

It looks like they are performing URL-encoding on the query string twice instead of not all when sending the redirect. Workaround would be to check for this condition an decode twice.

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